Advanced import

The advanced import has a new option called 'Crop to'. This option will let you crop the artwork to various special boxes that are available within the PDF file format. This way you can import a file as bitmap and use the Cropbox to reduce the bitmap size to the artwork as present in the file, instead of having to use the entire page format of the PDF file.

The Advanced import dialog also shows a new and better preview. Further the anti-aliasing of bitmaps within the Advanced Import filter has also been improved.




Bitmap manipulations

'Apply cropping' and 'Size image' can now also be used on bitmaps with an alpha channel.




Align Positioning cropmarks

EasySIGN now has the possibility to align the Alignment cropmarks to a selection on the worksheet. You can also set a margin for the alignment.




Add spot color

A new and very easy method to add a custom spot color.




Closed cropmarks

A new and improved type of cropmark object has been added. This cropmark object is not dependent on the cropmark layer, doesn't show unnecessary information in the plot dialog when plotting by color and is compatible with other software.




Cropmark effect

A new effect that groups selected objects together and adds cropmarks to the group. You have the choice between 'Print cropmarks', 'Plot cropmarks' and 'Inverted cropmarks'. The cropmarks can have negative of positive margins and a lot more options. Also the cropmarks are compatible with other software.




Spot colors as special lines

It is now also possible to import hairlines as special lines using spot colors. Create a spot color and in the 'Settings dialog' under the tab 'Import' assign this spot color to the desired special line.




Export transparency (PDF)

When exporting to PDF, bitmaps with an Alpha channel keep that Alpha channel and are no longer flattened.




Third Party RIP Settings

It is now possible to choose between the default automatic settings or manually add Hot Folders. This can be very handy with a network setup for your Hot Folders.




Third Party RIP Print dialog

The Third Party RIP has been extended with lots of useful options that will help you to obtain the best possible result with a Print or Print & Cut workflow.




Third Party RIP without a RIP or printer

You now can use the 'Third Party RIP' support even when you outsource your print work.




Third Party RIP help file

A new help file about the Third Party RIP support, how to manage Print and Print & Cut workflows and how to handle color management has been added.


Overprint support

EasySIGN now supports Overprint features. Objects that have an Overprint Fill or Overprint Line property assigned to them will keep that property when exported to or imported from PDF, EPS and AI.

  A)  The circle has no Overprint.
  B)  The circle has Overprint applied.
  1)  The design as displayed in design software.
  2)  The black film for the red color.
  3)  The black film for the yellow color.
  4)  The printed result.




Convert to color space

Converts all selected objects to the color space RGB or CMYK. When working with Print, or Print & Cut workflows it is essential to have the objects on your worksheet in the same color space.




Create Boundary or Outline shape

Creates a new shape based on the boundary or the outline of selected object(s). This shape can, for example be used to print white in a print workflow.




Plot preview in production manager

EasySIGN now shows a preview in the Production Manager which makes it easier to recognize the jobs you have plotted. With color separated jobs the color is also shown and even special lines will be displayed.




Font Manager

Manage your fonts directly within EasySIGN. Make font selections based on 'TTF/OpenType', 'TYPE1/ATM', 'SFN', 'ROMAN', 'SWISS', 'SCRIPT', 'DECORATIVE' and many more. Easily search a font and apply it directly to the selected characters. The Font manager is linked to the text editor and therefore easy accessible. Every selected font can be added to the Font Favorites dialog together with a custom description. Instead of using the Font combo to find a font, just use the Font Manager with quicker access, easier search method and full preview of the selected font.




Font Favorites

Add any selected font in the Font Manager to a list of favorites. You can change the name of the font (original name is shown when selected) and add comments. In the Font favorites dialog you can sort the displayed favorites on name and comments. When you select a font within this dialog a preview of the selected font is shown.




Insert characters

The 'Insert characters' dialog now shows all characters as available within the font.


Border object

A new object with corners that can be set independent from each other. Each corner can have a different radius and corner type.




Non-zero winding rule

In for example Illustrator™ and CorelDraw™ it is possible to choose between 'Non-zero winding rule' and 'Even–odd rule' to determine how objects are filled. To become even more compatible with these programs EasySIGN has implemented the 'Non-zero winding rule' besides the currently used default 'Even–odd rule'.

The two filled objects in the example image are exactly the same (see the wireframe representation below the filled objects) with only one difference the left object uses the 'Even–odd rule' and the right object uses the 'Non-zero winding rule'.




Distribute object(s) along path

Select one or more objects and distribute them along a path as many times as you need. By using the properties dialog you can set the number of duplicates.




New interface

EasySIGN has a complete new interface. This provides you with the freedom to personalize your working environment. You can also set the style as the default EasySIGN Look, Microsoft® Office 2007 Look, Microsoft® Office 2010 Look, Carbon Look and much more.


Uniquely you can even switch between a Menu interface and a Ribbon interface. The Ribbon interface supports the same styles as the menu interface.


  • Integrated previews in the Windows™ 7 & 8 taskbar.
  • Tabbed or floating document interface.
  • Detachable docking windows.
  • Docking windows can be set to ‘Auto Hide’.
  • Dock or float toolbars and docking windows anywhere.
  • Smart visual docking system.
  • Easy accessible dialogs.
  • Easy to use Wizards.
  • Create your own toolbars and menus
  • Custom shortcuts are displayed in menus..
  • Associate double-click events to a view.
  • Add your own custom tools.
  • Choose small or large icons.
  • Select the style of your liking.
  • Switch between a menu or Ribbon interface.
  • And much more...





Compatibility is now a two way pipeline. You can export worksheets from the supported applications to EasySIGN, new is that you now can also export worksheets from EasySIGN to the supported applications. Also Compatibility with Coreldraw™ X5/X6, Adobe Illustrator™ CS5/CS5.5/CS6 and Adobe Photoshop™ CS5/CS5.5/CS6 have been added.




Copy effects from one object to another

You have the possibility to copy only the top effect or the whole effect stack from one object to another object.




Text merge

Create automatically any number of design variations with different text and/or images based on your design and a simple text file (.CSV). This text based .CSV file can either be supplied by your customer from e.g. their database or can be made from scratch with Excel or the new EasySIGN CSV Editor.




Send your design for approval

You can now use Outlook™ 2003, 2007 and 2010 to send your design directly from EasySIGN to your customer. In addition you can use the new EasySIGN HTML Editor to easily construct an email that can be read in any email client. You also have the possibility to send your worksheet as a PDF attachment for optimal viewing.




Third Party RIP support

Send EasySIGN worksheets directly to Third Party RIP’s like Roland™ Versaworks. Use the same worksheet and workflow for output to your printing software and still use that same worksheet for Plotting, Routing and Print & Cut.




Instant access to every vinyl library

Select any vinyl library you want to use in the color docker. Creating a custom color library from your worksheet is instantly accessible in the color docker. Apply colors by click, double-click or Drag & Drop. You also have the possibility to set any vinyl library as the active color palette.




EasySIGN CSV Editor

The new EasySIGN CSV Editor contains functionality especially build to match the needs for the Signmaking and Finishing industry. It can convert Excel- and Access database files supplied by your customer, create specific auto numbering sequences, rearrange rows and columns, automatically add paths to image files, search and replace, merge columns, rows and more.


EasySIGN HTML Editor

The new EasySIGN HTML Editor is especially made to make sure that any email you design can be read in any email client. You can create an email from scratch or use one of the available templates which you can use unedited or as a base for your company’s personalized email. This Helper application is easy to use and requires no knowledge of the HTML language.


EasySIGN File Rename

A Helper application for easy file renaming. This is especially useful for renaming files from e.g. a digital camera.


Copy and paste properties

Copy the properties of an object to one or more objects of the same type. You can even choose what properties you want to copy. No more labor intensive changing of properties only one object at the time. Just paste the copied properties on any number of objects. You don’t even have to paste the properties only on objects of the same type because any object will only use the pasted properties if it can do something with it.




Calculate line length and surfaces

Never have to guess again how much material will be used for a specific job.


Sign Blanc

Use any shape to define as place holder for your design surface. You can for example use a drawing that represents an outdoor sign and make your design within the boundaries of the Sign Blanc. The Sign Blanc will never be printed or cut.


Device specific tool lines

Create device specific tool lines and define the cutting order of the tools. You can even specify your own custom colors per line type.


Advanced import

It is now possible to import a PDF or AI/PDF (Illustrator version 9 and up are actually PDF files) as a bitmap while simultaneously separating Special lines as vector. In the settings dialog you can choose a hairline color that should be imported as a ‘Print & Cut line’, ‘Pounce-line’, ‘Cut through-line’ or ‘Creasing line’, previously this would only work with AI files version 8 and lower. Now this will work for every PDF or AI/PDF file.



The Stickercontour has an unique option called ‘Connect’ which makes it possible to create a single peel able design no matter how far the elements of a design lie apart. This feature could be described as an intelligent combination between a Rubberband and the Stickercontour.




Magic Wand Outline

Apply outlines to the bitmap data itself. Select a part of the bitmap with the Magic Wand tool and apply an outline directly to the Magic Wand.




Bitmap adjustments

The most common bitmap adjustments are now possible directly from within EasySIGN. Physically scale bitmaps (changing the actual size and not only the dimensions), apply a cropping, change the appearance, adjust separate color channels and more. Also preparing a bitmap for vectorization to obtain the best possible end result is now available.




Convert alpha channel to vector data

If you have a bitmap with an alpha channel you can automatically convert this alpha channel to vector data. You can use this vector data as cutting data and/or mask without manual interference.




Naming objects

Each object can be given its own name which makes it a lot easier to find objects in a ‘crowded’ worksheet.


Replace by ...

Now, it’s possible to sub select any object within a group or effect and replace that object with another one by a single mouse click. This way you can enhance the appearance of a design within a few seconds.





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