EasySIGN Installation Guide

Congratulations with your new EasySIGN software!

In order to get started immediately, please follow the step-by-step installation instructions below.

Software installation

Activation instructions

Hardware installation and configuration

Getting started



  1. Connect the EasySIGN software dongle (if you have one) with your computer.
  2. Start the installation manually:
    • Open ‘File Explorer’ (or ‘Windows Explorer’ in Windows 7 and earlier)
    • Browse to the EasySIGN USB memory stick
    • When you don’t have an EasySIGN USB memory stick you can download the EasySIGN software.
    • Double-click EasySIGN_64.exe
  3. If you have Windows User Account Control enabled, confirm by pressing Yes when asked to allow system changes during the installation process. This is required to run the software properly.
  4. Now click Setup to start the installation process and wait a few moments until the self-extractor is finished. This may take up to a few minutes, depending on the speed of your computer.
  5. Now follow the on-screen instructions to install the software according to your preferences.


If you have received a USB license dongle, connect the dongle to your computer and then start the EasySIGN software. In most cases, the license is already activated so you can start using the software immediately.

In case the License Manager pops up, please follow the instructions to activate the license. Detailed activation instructions can be found in the Getting Started guide on pages 5-8.

If you experience any problems or need assistance, please let us know.


Installing your hardware and configuring it correctly in the software can be tricky if you are an inexperienced user. Because there is a wide variety of machines and configurations, it is nearly impossible to create a universal and accessible guide that works for every machine.

If you feel confident enough to configure everything yourself, our Hardware Configuration Guide may help.

In case this is out of your comfort zone, please contact, our Support desk to configure this for you. Contact us for premium support.


Your EasySIGN software already contains all necessary information to create your own signs in a flash. Make sure to check the following documentation:

Contents Location
Getting Started A limited but comprehensive guide to get you up and running Help > Getting Started or download here
Manual All EasySIGN functionality explained Help > Help Topics or press F1
Third Party RIP Setting up your EasySIGN software to enable seamless communication with your favorite RIP software Help > Help Third Party RIP

EasySIGN YouTube channel

If you are more of a visual oriented person, our selection of online videos may be your weapon of choice.

The EasySIGN YouTube channel has over 150 videos available, ranging from feature overviews to in-depth tutorials. For everyone new to EasySIGN, this is a very handy source of information. Click here for all videos.

To get you started, you may find these videos useful:

Setup the interface (3:26)
Workshop – part 1 (18:38)
Workshop – part 2 (28:06)
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