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For all our customers demanding black and white input or working in the (laser) engraving and sandblasting industry: this feature has been specially developed for you!

Binarization is the process used to convert any grayscale or color image to a monochromatic (black and white) image that can be handled as valid input for (laser) engraving and sandblasting. This feature enables you to maintain the image details at a maximum, while taking your machine’s constraints into account.


  • Binarization

    Binarization is an incredible feature, specially developed for specific industries, including, the laser and engraving/sandblast industry.

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This tool is so powerful, yet so easy to use. The controls are very intuitive and leave no room for error, without sacrificing the flexibility and control of your output.

  • Choose the Binarization method that best suits your needs, depending on the preferred output.
  • Convert and export your design to a Binarization bitmap. This includes all Binarization properties that are critical for your machine to interpret the bitmap correctly.
  • Once the contrast, amount of detail and light levels have been set, your favorite settings can be saved as a preset for future use. Save time using presets and avoid quality differences in similar tasks.


Naturally, this incredible feature is available in our latest EasySIGN Master software, at no extra cost.