Bitmap Fonts


EasySIGN Bitmap Fonts are very high resolution bitmaps of characters with an alpha channel for transparency and a vector path for Print & Cut.


EasySIGN Bitmap Fonts are very suitable for eye-catching slogans. You can create stunning titles that are not possible with common vector based fonts. Bitmap fonts are a set of bitmaps, displaying every character as a separate bitmap so it can be used in any software that support alpha channels e.g. EasySIGN™, Photoshop™, Illustrator™, Coreldraw™ etc.




The images

All the images have a resolution of 2000x2000 pixels. For offset print this results in character size up to 170x170mm. For large format printing, character size can even be increased to 700x700mm for close viewing like for exhibitions and even much larger for roadside billboards (for inches divide mm by 25.4).


Color space

These images are in RGB format. RGB has a much wider color gamut than CMYK, which is ideal for today’s Large Format Printers. For (CMYK) offset printing, RGB can be converted to CMYK.


Saved format

The images are saved in a PSD format (Photoshop™) because it supports alpha channels and vector paths.


Extra information

These fonts look great in detail and at any size. Like anything from EasySIGN, we have a good reputation to live up to.