High Resolution Images


EasySIGN High Resolution Images is a special collection of original illustrations specially made for the signmaking industry and demanding designers.


The illustrations as available in the EasySIGN High Resolution Images collection are unique and have proven useful as building blocks for signs, offset printing, cover art, posters, exhibitions and more.





The images

All the images have a resolution of 3580x2551 pixels, which is "A4" or "Letter" size with overlap on 300DPI for offset print. For close-viewing and large format printing this resolution is suitable for at least 126x90 cm (50x35 inch) and even much larger for roadside billboards.


Color space

These images are in RGB format. RGB has a much wider color gamut than CMYK, which is ideal for today’s Large Format Printers. For (CMYK) offset printing, RGB can be converted to CMYK.


Saved format

The images are in PNG format, including compression without any quality loss.


Extra information

These images look great in detail and at any size. Like anything from EasySIGN, we have a good reputation to live up to.